The Importance of Hope


Hope. What is Hope? Hope in the dictionary is defined as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen or a feeling of trust. But I feel as if the definition does not do it justice. Hope can mean anything for lots of different people.  Hope is a longing for something to come with certainty that one day it will. We experience hope in our everyday lives but sometimes different kinds of hope. Sometimes we think of it as hoping to not have homework or a test that day but it is always meant with a longing for something that may or may not happen. But the hope we hold in our hearts is unlike any other emotion. It is what has led humans to survive hardships and trials. It allows us to be strong when we are scared. It allows us to stick up in a world of confusion.




Those of us who have felt lost with nobody have felt hopelessness as well. The deafening feeling of hopelessness is what has caused so many to give up. But it is so important that we have hope for those we love and those who are struggling. Nobody wants to suffer but unfortunately it is a part of life. We should hope for a person’s well being and not their downfall as everyone needs to know they have someone cheering for them. Everyone needs to be hoping for that change somewhere so that we do not lose the light. 






I want everyone to know that they deserve hope. That we as humans cannot live without hope. Hope is so vital to us and our well being. I always try to hope for those who are struggling to be able to find their way again. It hurts me to see many people lose their hope and think they will never change. This mindset will only cause them hopelessness and it hurts me to watch people think this way. I believe that we all need to have hope and especially in the times it is hardest too. If we don’t we will never see the hope others offer and the hope that spreads. As all we need is a one spokesman of hope to start a fire of light.