The Cost of Social Media


What is Social media? Inadvertently it is something that controls our lives at no cost. Now ask yourself the million-dollar question what if search engines and social media applications were regulated by how much you would be willing to pay to use them. The Editorial Director of Michigan Institute of Technology leads a study to find out just how much search engines are worth “According to the research published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, internet search is the most valued category of digital goods. The median user would require compensation of $17,530 to forgo search engines for a year. Users would need $8,414 to lose access to email for a year, and $3,648 to go without digital maps for that same period” (Church 2019). For something that constantly surrounds our lives each day, getting paid this much to get rid of it for a year has a direct negative connotation because it shows how much social media controls our lives. Although this would hurt its users our society would become more self-sufficient and self-aware. Depending on whether we are being paid to stop using an app or have to pay to use an app, our usage would drastically change for the better. Each country is proven to be on different ends of the spectrum on how much they would like to be paid to drop an app. “The median value was even higher in Europe. Dutch Facebook users would need a median compensation of €97 ($110.88 in U.S. dollars) for losing one month of access to Facebook” (Church 2019). Higher populated countries tend to be on the higher side of compensation and vice-versa. Therefore it is thought that a country such as South Sudan would need no compensation due to their level of poverty and with the growing trend of regulating apps, our country will slowly evolve into a more sustainable and self-aware economy.