Inauguration Day is Today, January 20, 2021

Today, President Elect Joe Biden will be sworn into office


Quinn Dickens, Video Editor/ Writer

Today, the world will see a new president sitting in America’s oval office. Joe Biden, at 10 a.m. Mountain Time will be sworn in, along with his Vice president Kamala Harris. Joe Biden will also be stating his inauguration speech, in this speech he will make a pledge to the people of America to care and protect them at all costs. 

Earlier this morning, Donald Trump had told his supporters, “We will be back in some form,” before leaving the Whitehouse. Donald Trump has been impeached once and a second time from the House of Representatives.

Donald Trump will not be attending the inauguration of Joe Biden, which has been traditionally done for 150 years; however, Donald Trump did leave a message for Joe Biden in the oval office. This is not the first time in history that a president didn’t attend an inauguration. The first time was in 1829, John Quincy Adams did not attend the swearing-in of president Andrew Jackson due to tension between the two.

Joe Biden’s inaugural address will address current issues during this time of turmoil due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addressing the tension between the two parties and how both need to work together to get the economy back and to diminish Covid-19, Joe Biden will reassure the people. Joe Biden is holding himself accountable to restore the connection between the two parties and fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully he can hold up to his promise.