Senior Check List


Zach Herte, Writer

Seniors who are planning to attend college should be finalizing their college applications as well as looking for scholarships online or through their intended college website. This is important because depending on what school you are looking at or apply to, March 15 is typically the admission deadline for regular admission.  Some schools have later due dates or rolling admissions, meaning you can apply whenever.  If you applied in the fall, you should have received admissions letters and will have to accept their admissions soon after.

I recommend looking into scholarships and asking about your college resources. The first place you should look is on the Counseling website, under Scholarships and Financial Aid.  Mrs. Harper, Chatfield’s Post Graduate Coordinator,  is a fantastic resource and will update the Local-Chatfield Scholarships Spreadsheet every time a new scholarship comes across her desk.  Her office is located in the Counseling Center. Many prefer local scholarships over national ones because they are  less competitive.  Naviance is also a great resource.  Look under the college tab, for Scholarships and National Scholarship Search.  That website will allow you to make a profile and the scholarships that will be displayed are all ones that pertain specifically to each individual student.