Amanda Browne
Amanda Browne

Significant Tattoos at Chatfield

Backstories on the Tattoos that Students and Teachers Have!
Miles Miller

Tattoos can be super meaningful as they can represent important moments, beliefs, or memories. They can be a way to express yourself and showcase your unique story. Each tattoo can hold a personal significance, like a symbol of strength, a tribute to loved ones, or a reminder of overcoming challenges.

Monica Armbrust

Tattoos can also have a powerful role in raising awareness of suicide prevention. Many people choose to get tattoos that symbolize hope, resilience, or mental health advocacy. These tattoos serve as a visible reminder to others that they are not alone and there is support available. Monica Armbrust for example, has a butterfly and semicolon for suicide awareness, along with angel wings for her grandpa who passed away. Monica also had a dying love for space and astronomy, which can be seen in the two space-themed tattoos she wears.

Bo Curran

People often choose to get tattoos to symbolize their connection and the memories they share with their loved ones. It can be a meaningful quote, a portrait, or a symbol that holds significance. Bo Curran, for example, got a tattoo of a rose on his chest in memory of his grandma. He remembers how she picked his dad’s first tattoo which was a rose. So when she passed away, Bo knew he wanted to do the same thing. These tattoos serve as a constant reminder of the love and impact a person can have on your life. It’s a way to keep their memory alive and carry them with you wherever you go. Nevaeh Cooper got butterflies on her forearm for her best friend who passed away two years ago, ” she wanted too always remember him, and whenever (she) looks at it (she) just remembers the beauty he had and just how amazing of a person he was”. It is amazing how something so visually striking can hold such a deep emotional significance.

Amanda Browne
Nevaeh Cooper

Amanda Brown has a small peace sign tattoo on her inner forearm. It doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning but she “loves having a reminder of her peace“. This tattoo was very unplanned, but it is still such a fun and spontaneous way to express yourself. Whether it’s a small symbol or meaningful words, unplanned tattoos can add a touch of whimsy to your style! Miles Miller is another prime example of this, he got a mustache tattoo on his finger because he “believed it was funny and knew he wouldn’t regret it”!




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