2024 Super bowl Commercial

2024 Super bowl Commercial

Super bowl ads are one of the most entertaining parts of Super bowl Sunday, considering companies go all out to make the craziest, funniest, and coolest commercials they possibly can. Over 120 million people watch the Super bowl every year, and companies want to take advantage of so many people watching one event at once to advertise their products, and they do so in the most appealing way they can. Aside from spending a huge amount of money on the production of these ads, companies also have to worry about spending millions of dollars on just putting them on television, since the average cost to release a commercial during the Super bowl is around $7 million, which is insane.

Many of these commercials end up going viral and becoming some of the most famous commercials of all time. An example is the “Hey kid, catch” Coca-Cola Super bowl commercial in 1980, in which famous football player John Greene throws a can of Coca-Cola to a kid and says the iconic phrase. That commercial itself became so popular that it solidified its spot in history as one of the best Super bowl commercials ever, but it also brought extreme profit to the company, as kids wanted to be like their favorite football player. Another famous Super bowl commercial is “Hare Jordan,” made in 1993 to promote basketball player Michael Jordan’s signature shoes as well as the newly released Space Jam movie, which was a success. At the time, every kid wanted to be like Jordan, so putting him in a Super bowl commercial was a recipe for success, and as we all know, Michael Jordan’s shoes are some of the most worn shoes of all time, and Space Jam is an extremely popular movie. All that success was not caused by the Super bowl commercial, but it sure did help on advertising!

People always wait through the whole football season for the Super Bowl, partly because of the commercials. It is always fun to see what companies will do to sell their products!

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