Your “Go To” Halloween Movie List

We spoke to a variety of Chatfield students about their favorite scary movies that are entertaining to watch during the Halloween season. These lists are both for the horror movie lover and for the faint of heart, as the lists include classic, averagely scary, actually scary, and extremely cheesy movies that will get you ready for the spookiest time of the year. We hope you can enjoy at least one of these movies before the end of the festivities this year as many of these will leave you with a sense of pumpkin-y Halloween-y goodness. However, Chatfield does not advocate that you go out watch the R rated movies unless you’re 17 and above.

Top 13 “Classic” Halloween Movies: 

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG) 
  2. Scream (R)
  3. The Conjuring (R)
  4. Sixth Sense (PG-13)
  5. Carrie (R)
  6. Coraline (PG)
  7. Paranorman (PG)
  8. The Craft (R)
  9. The Blair Witch Project (PG-13) 
  10. Monster House (PG)
  11. The Lost Boys (R)
  12. Eraserhead 
  13. Corpse Bride (PG)

Top 13 “Average Scary” Movies:

  1. Ouija (PG-13)
  2. Haunting of Hill House (TV-MA)
  3. Annabelle (R)
  4. Slender Man (PG-13)
  5. Paranormal Activity (PG-13)
  6. The Babadook (R)
  7. The Cabin in the Woods (R)
  8. Happy Death Day (PG-13)
  9. The Quiet Place (PG-13)
  10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (OG) (R)
  11. Alien (R)
  12. The Ring (PG-13)
  13. The Purge (R) 

Top 13 “Scary” Movies:

  1. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (R)
  2.  Conjuring Movies (R)
  3. The Thing (R)
  4. The Nun (R)
  5. Halloween (R)
  6. La Llorona  (R)
  7. The Hills Have Eyes  (R)
  8. Silent Hill  (R)
  9. The Shining  (R)
  10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) (R)
  11. Nightmare on Elms Street  (R)
  12. IT and IT Chapter Two  (R)
  13. Truth or Dare  (PG-13)

Top 13 “Cheesy” Halloween movies:

  1. Monster House (PG)
  2. Scary Movie movies (R)
  3. Demonic Toys (R)
  4. Child’s Play (R)
  5. Jaws 3D (PG)
  6. Leprechaun in the Hood (R)
  7. Teeth (R)
  8. My Bloody Valentine (R)
  9. Happy Death Day 2U (PG-13)
  10. Hotel Transylvania (PG)
  11. The Evil Dead (R)
  12. The Walking Dead (TV-MA)
  13. War of the Worlds (PG)