Ashlynn Konold and Samantha Rossman

Children’s Hospital Colorado is known around the world for its innovative and creative programs to help kids and adults with terminal diseases. They show their creative and caring nature through programs like: Children’s Miracle Network, Giving Blood, La Cache (a clothing shop that helps hospital kids), The Boulder Chapter, The Breathing Institute Chapter, and many others. Children’s Hospital does everything in their power to help these families in need.  One of the most well known programs is Make-A-Wish where kids from ages 2 1/2 to age 18 can become a Make-A-Wish kids. These kids have one wish that they are allowed to make, and people can donate to grant their wish. Jefferson County schools have been helping the Make-A-Wish program for 7 years. They have granted many wishes over the years and many kids have been granted their wish from the kids here at Chatfield. 

In the early months of 2020, Chatfield Senior High School sponsored Adriana who is an 8 year old girl with a life-altering illness. On February 10, 2020, the Chatfield Chargers had an assembly to show their love and support to Adriana and her family. Chatfield’s goal was to raise $21,000 in order to grant her wish of going to Hawaii. There were fun filled activities where the students got involved and there were emotional times as well. Adriana loved the assembly! She especially loved their “All In For Adriana” chant, which each grade participated in. Adriana watched with fascination throughout the assembly at the insane events Chatfield’s Alliance had planned. There were people jumping and screaming all in support of Adriana. The academic halls were decorated with different themes of her choosing, and there were fundraisers everyday to help reach our goal. From food fundraisers to selling shirts the week was nothing short of amazing.

The assembly started out with the national anthem which took everyone by surprise at the astonishing voice of Luke Jones, a CSH graduate and current custodian at our school. Then a special appearance, Emily from Kozi  101.1 who is also a CSH graduate lead the assembly with a radiance of positive energy keeping all the students intrigued. Seeing the bright smile across Adriana’s face made it all worthwhile for everyone in the building. Not to mention the leg waxing and pies in the face to our teachers – Mr. Blume, Mr. Svaldi, and Mr. Matt Moore, and Mrs. Stowe and two students – Cyrus Lecciso and Mak Valdez.  Along with most students’ personal favorite, seeing Mr. Travis Moore, math teacher, in a princess makeover. Chatfield raised over $19,000 for sweet little Adriana, so not only does she get to go to Hawaii but she also has extra money to spend to make her trip just that much better. Our money will grant two and a half wishes this year!!  So, thank you Chargers for making this young girl’s day and possibly even giving her the best experience she will have. Adriana enjoyed the assembly and is on her way to Hawaii. Aloha Adriana, and best of luck to you.