The Driving Life



This is our country, Charger Country

Ashlynn Konold

Driving can be a pain with traffic, accidents, idiots, and many other conditions which can be frustrating for the average person. As a teenager myself I find driving to be thrilling but that’s not always the case. In many Eastern countries women aren’t allowed to drive and when driving the death rate is astronomical. The normal driving age for Americans is 15 for a permit and 16 for a license. For many others, 18 is the legal age to drive alone and to some, that may be correct and will help decrease accidents however not always. In our world there are over 195 countries. These countries can range between giant powers and tiny, little baby countries.

In many larger countries, there is more to do to have a license because of the number of people and the geography of the country. Take Japan for instance in which to retain a license there are many, many things to do while taking the test. If you have one mistake that’s it, you fail. On average the percentage of people who pass is 36%. That’s insane! In the United States, the percentage rate of people who pass is around 75 to 80 percent. In Brazil they add on another factor to get a license which is the mental piece of driving. In order to even start learning the laws of the road, Brazilians have to take a psychological exam which is geared to find if there are any mental illnesses or concerns to worry about.  Only then can they start the 9 to 15 different courses they have to take to even take the test. Failing is easy to do. The leading cause of someone to fail in the United States is that they don’t know what’s on the test. In other words, they don’t study for the test. Driving on paper versus driving on the road is dramatically different. On paper, there’s more logistics and statistics to think about. Every state has a different leading cause of accidents, for Colorado, the leading cause is distracted driving. People can get distracted easily in Colorado especially with the beautiful state that Colorado is.

For all the numbers said in the paragraph before personally driving can be thrilling and enjoyable. The main thing to think about when driving to be safe and just because something sounds exciting doesn’t always mean to do it. If you have any questions on the laws of the road go to

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