National Emergency

“Discovered in China last year, the virus and the illness it causes, COVID-19, has spread to six continents. It has infected over 1,600 people in the U.S., killing 41.”


The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading like wildfire and steadily evolving into different strains. Currently, there are over 144,000 cases, 5,000 deaths, and 70,000 have recovered. Over 70 people in Colorado have fell victim to this virus, with 7 people diagnosed today at St. Anthony’s Hospital. A pandemic is a virus that has spread across multiple continents and COVID-19, is just that. Earlier this month, President Donald J. Trump declared a State of emergency over Colorado due to the alarming health crisis. Now President Donald J. Trump is declaring a National Emergency to invoke the Stafford Act and acquire federal aid. According to Alabama News, the Standford act allows for funding when in a disaster, “In other words, the Stafford Act can give FEMA, part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, an influx of tens of billions of dollars to use for disaster relief. It will also speed up federal actions in the state. Under Stafford, states will be allowed to request 75 percent cost-share for expenses such as emergency workers, testing, medical supplies and – when one is developed – vaccinations.” During times like this where schools are closing, and fear is entering our hearts, declaring National Emergency grants the President special powers to ensure economic stability. With this declaration, Trump has nearly 50 Billion dollars at his disposal to start fighting back against this crisis.