Pandemic: Bringing People Closer


Samantha Rossman , Staff

Times are hard right now, but not everything is going down the drain. While people are getting sick and everyone is stuck at home, it is justifiable that this pandemic is bringing people closer in spirit. People all over the world are doing their part in helping to stop this virus.

YouTuber Jacksepticeye raised nearly 660,000 dollars in just 12 hours to donate to finding a cure for COVID-19.Jacksepticeye helped raise nearly $660,000 in 12 hours for Covid ... This well known YouTube gamer has 23.6 million followers, and live-streamed for 12 hours to raise money for World Health Day. The overall profit of this day was 1.7 million dollars, which means this live stream brought in almost 40 percent of this total. Furthermore, Jack Dorsey donated 1 billion dollars to a COVID-19 fund

Twitter CEO And Co Founder Jack Dorsey Addresses Students At The IIT Delhiwhich helps people in need. Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter and other platforms, he donated tons of money to help people who didn’t have enough money throughout these rough times.

Not only are wealthy people donating money, but people are also stepping up by donating home-made masks now that people are required to wear masks in public. Big companies are also donating mass amounts of masks for health care workers and people in need of masks.

Chatfield Senior High School’s faculty, MCA students, and a challenge put out on Instagram by Mrs. Gunkel @gunkelfam helped to raise money to feed Mulholm Elementary School children and their families. Enough money for around 400 meals was donated in under 3 days and the money continues to roll in. This shows what can be accomplished when a community, and in this case a high school, comes together to do what is right and good. Mulholm is a school that Chatfield has bonded with over the years. Our students provide a Chatfield Holiday Outreach Program for their first and second grade students in December, exchange pen pal letters, and go on fieldtrips together. We love those children and would do whatever necessary to make sure they have food to eat.

This pandemic, while very hard to get through, is bringing people closer together and bringing more kindness into the world. People working together against one evil is making the world stronger as a whole. People who are affected by this virus appreciate even the littlest amount of help more than people know. Stay safe and help out when possible, let’s fight this virus together!