Basketball and Shoe Drive at Chatfield!

Basketball and Shoe Drive at Chatfield!

Samantha Rossman, Staff


Chatfield Basketball is working with Full Court Peace to collect shoes and basketballs for young athletes in the metro area.

It all began in 2013 in Belfast, Ireland, when two groups of boys came together to form a basketball team, then inspiring this organization. In Norwalk, Connecticut, this organization gathered people around their area to revamp a basketball court for the people living in this area. This basketball court soon turned into hundreds. This organization goes around the world, repairing and revamping basketball courts in small towns to unite the people within it.

This year is the first time Full Court Peace is coming to Colorado, and they started with Chatfield! This year, through October 22nd, all shoes and balls will be donated to Full Court Peace to help youth athletes in the Denver metro area.

When asked, “What prompted Chatfield basketball to participate in this event?” Coach Buehler responded that he saw the head coach, Mark Sharpley, at Jefferson Academy partner with Full Court Peace in an article on He was curious about what the non-profit was doing in Colorado, so he reached out to him and asked. Once he knew more about it, he decided that this would be a great opportunity for the Boys Basketball Program to give back to the Denver Metro community. “I know our team goes through at least 3-4 pairs of basketball shoes a year, so it only makes sense to see if their old pairs can still be used by someone who wants to play basketball as well.” This is a great opportunity for Chatfield to give back to the community, and it certainly will not be the last collaboration with Full Court Peace.

Please bring in anything that you have that is suitable for the donations. Shoes must not have any holes, be cleaned easily, and be any size. Basketballs are accepted as long as they can inflate and bounce! Bring these donations to workouts after school any day through October 22nd.

Let’s help the community as best we can by bringing in donations, Chargers!