Applying for Colleges; What to Know

Samantha Rossman, Staff

It is that time of year, seniors! Applying for college. This process is by no means a walk in the park; it is very stressful and dramatically impacts a person’s future. Not everyone is college-bound, but those who need to start applying for their school plan to attend. There are many ways to apply for colleges, whether that is through Common App or directly through the school, this process is by no means easy. From letters of recommendation to college essays, this process is complicated, but many tips help make it easier. Ms. Harper, Chatfield’s postgraduate coordinator, has three helpful tips when applying to colleges.

  1. Know what type of application you are using, either Common App or directly to the school.
  2. Have all the needed materials done before starting the application process. Have letters of recommendation and college essays done before applying. Also, provide ample time for your counselor to write a counselor letter to your school of choice. Get everything needed put into your Naviance account; that way, it is in one spot ready to go when you start your application.
  3. Be mindful of the due date of applications, know when the college and your high school require an application to be submitted by.

These simple tips for applying to college can make all the difference in your acceptance rate. If you are prepared and well-oriented, the colleges will see that and be more likely to accept you over other students. These tips help keep you organized and on track for a quick and easy college application.

Other useful tips are including extracurricular activities and any outside of school activities or events that are notable, and be honest! Colleges will be able to tell if a person is lying about doing something outside of school that makes them look good. If you are honest and try your best, the college will most likely accept you.

Show the colleges what you are made of! Put your Charger excellence on display for all to see; they will not be able to resist after seeing that!

Here is a video provided by Khan Academy on how to apply through Common App.