Mock Trial Club

Samantha Rossman, Staff

Mock Trial Club is starting back up at Chatfield! This club offers an amazing opportunity for students to experience what it feels like to be in the court system. The team receives a fictional case from the Colorado Bar Association in the first week of November. The case can be either a civil or criminal case. They give produce a summary of the case along with witnesses statements and evidence. It is then thier job to argue out the case from either side. Schools all across Colorado receive the same case and are also expected to argue out either side. When they go to the competition they argue the side they are given against another school. Team members act as lawyers and/or witnesses in the case and act it out just like it is done in court. They have multiple rounds against multiple schools and earn points for each round (Weber 10/27/2020). This club would be a great fit for anyone who likes to act things out, is interested in the justice system, or just simply likes to debate. There is a huge variety of people that are in the club, from athletes to actors, this club is for anyone interested. This club practices from early November through February to prepare for the tournament. While this is a lot of time, the club sponsor is flexible and understands that students have other commitments to uphold as well.

This is Mock Trial Club’s fourth year as a team at Chatfield. Durring these four years this club has placed at a regional competition, gone to state, and multiple students have received awards.

Colby Cruser, one of the student captains for  Mock Trail Club, was interviewed and had some information for anyone wanting to join the club. “If you have any interest in going into the field of law, or any form of legal justice, I think this club is great for introducing you to the system and seeing if it sparks any interest in law school or being an attorney in the future.” Not only has Colby been in the mock trail all four years it has been a club, but he also has won awards while competing.

If you are interested at all in this club please don’t hesitate to join! Text @cshmt to 81010 for reminders and upadates from Mrs. Weber.