Chatfield Assembles Stockings for Fort Carson Soldiers for the 15th Year!


Mrs. McManus started a special tradition at Chatfield 15 years ago and it has been featured on Denver Channel 4 News. McManus is a Special Education teacher who has a passion for spreading joy. On Wednesday, December 3rd special needs students will fill 250 stockings with special gifts for our troops at Fort Carson. Chargers were asked to bring in the items below by Tuesday, December 1st to the main entrance of the school. This tradition will carry on no matter what! Thanks to those of you who have already donated and to those of you who will donate by Tuesday, December 1st. We appreciate you! Charger Pride!

“This is the way of showing we want to be thankful for especially having the greatest gift of all time, having freedom.” Jacob Siebert, CSH 2018 graduate


Stocking Items Needed for the Troops

Individually wrapped cheese and crackers or cookie packets

Pre-sweetened flavored beverage mixes, single size (Gaterade, Kool Aid, Ice Tea, Crystal light On the Go)

Travel Size Hand sanitizer

Gum, life savers, Mints

Candy Canes

Hard candy

Power Bars, protein bars

Cereal bars, granola bars

Instant coffee, hot cocoa mix

Chapstick, Blistex (stick tubes)

Travel size Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap


Please remember that items have to fit into the 13” stockings. Travel size for everything works best.