Zoom Activities

Alyson Prince, Writer

COVID-19 has affected everyone. Whether it’s being unable to travel to see family or struggling with online school, everyone has experienced a change in their life due to the pandemic. While traveling to see friends and family is not an option right now, staying connected through Zoom and other online activities is important and is a lot easier than people think. 

Celebrating special events by going out to dinner or going to parties is definitely not an option right now, but there are other ways to hang out with loved ones. A great activity to do is get on a Zoom call with your friends and family and cook each other’s favorite foods. It could be appetizers, desserts, entrees or really anything you want it to be. This can also be done with other things like making each other’s favorite crafts or art pieces. This is an easy way to try new things while also staying connected. 

Another great activity is watching movies over Zoom. Since we aren’t really allowed to hang out with people and go on dates, watching movies over Zoom can be a great alternative to seeing each other in person. There are plenty of online streaming services that are easy to sync up with other people and watching movies online is usually cheaper than actually going to the movies. This is an easy and fun way to go on a date or hang out with friends without the risk of getting COVID-19. 

When visiting family, a common activity to do is play games. Whether it’s video games or Charades it’s always fun to visit loved ones through a game. A lot of people don’t think about doing this because it’s mostly an in person kind of activity, but playing games over Zoom is actually super easy and a lot of fun. Games like Heads Up, Pictionary, and video games like Among Us and Mario Cart are really easy to set up and play over Zoom and they are a great way to stay connected while having fun. 

COVID-19 has stopped everyday activities from happening but that doesn’t mean we have to stop interacting with friends and family. It’s important to stay connected and if we all stick together and find ways to have fun through technology, this time in our lives won’t be so tough.