How Sports Improve Your Life


Seth Rosene, Reporter

Sports are so much more than just an activity. Sometimes, it’s peoples escape, livelihood, and family. While sports get you in shape, they also do so much more. Sports helps people mentally, physically, and academically


When I first started martial arts, I was a C and D student. Soon after starting the sport, I became an A and B student. According to, when you work out, blood flows up to your head, helping make new connections between nerves, which basically helps your brain grow. My focus, my determination, and motivation to do well in school shot up. Martial arts gave me this whole new mindset. Soccer, football, and hockey – they all share this aspect. Sports opened my brain up further than I thought possible and helped me succeed in my academics.

Most people don’t start their sport until mid-day, which in my opinion is great. By then, your body is all warmed up and ready to go. Physically, sports aren’t just about getting fit and looking good. Manhattan medical arts said sports help keep your blood pressure normal, keep your cholesterol levels low, improve your immune system, and so much more. When doing a sport it’s so important to have a healthy diet, too. If you don’t eat right or hydrate correctly, your health could be in trouble. If you feed your body the right nutrients, you will become a very healthy person. While sports can damage your body if not done right, the benefit outweighs the cost.

Sports can have a big effect on your mental state. When you workout, your body releases this chemical called endorphins, which are basically mood elevators. But I don’t want to focus on that part of it. When you workout, you’re usually getting out of the house, interacting with people, getting fresh air. I honestly see sports as a need, not a want. Like I said before, sports are some people’s escapes. It is how we escape our current reality that determines how we’re able to let go and have fun. I would be lost without my sport. Mentally, sports keep us on track in life. It keeps us off the streets and improves our attitude and just living life in general.

Sports are something that isn’t just a curricular activity. It intertwines with everything we do in life.