Sleep vs. Rest

Sleep vs. Rest

Samantha Rossman, Editor, Head Writer

Most people would be shocked to know that there is a difference between sleep and rest. Rest is a state of relaxation, a period of inactivity, and “relaxing”. Sleep, however, is when the body fully shuts down to repair and restart for the next day. While these two things may not seem different because an example of rest could be taking a nap, they are quite different. Sleep is a necessity for the neurological functions of the brain in every human, this is why when a person feels tired they might experience symptoms of delirium or insanity. Rest is also a good activity for the body to partake in occasionally, rest reduces stress and allows the body to relax for a little as a sort of “cool-down period”.

Both sleep and rest are necessities for the human body and mind to function at full capacity. There are disorders that can affect both sleep and rest habits, but there are also ways to combat these disorders.

Below is a quiz to test what type of rest you need in your life to make your life better.

Rest Quiz Test