Get Registered to Vote – We Will Show You How

Sena and Javier


Watch this video to find out how to get prepared to be a voter. This video was created by an organization that works hard to get all high school students signed up to vote. So, when you turn 18, you will already be a registered voter. They normally visit Chatfield yearly, but this year they have not been able to do so because of COVID-19.


Here is their premise.

The Colorado Democracy Challenge is a nonpartisan voter registration drive that works to prepare the next generation to participate in our local democracy, making democracy more accessible to young people by bringing voter registration efforts to their schools. We’ve registered over 26,000 students in partnership with over 100 schools in 14 Colorado counties. We love building new partnerships so we can return again and again to make sure each new wave of eligible students are ready to vote.

You are eligible to register to vote if you:

  • Are a United States citizen
  • Are 16 years of age, but you must be 18 years of age or older on the date of the election at which you intend to vote. The Colorado Votes Act passed in 2019, meaning 17 year-olds are now eligible to vote in primaries if they’ll be 18 for the general election. The 2020 primaries will be the first year they can participate
  • Are a Colorado resident for at least 22 days immediately before the election at which you intend to vote
  • Are not serving a sentence (including parole) for a felony conviction

Please watch this video and take the time to get pre-registered to vote. There is no time like the present.

Here is their information in case you would like to get in touch with them.


email:        [email protected]