The Evolution of Beauty

Everything changes throughout history, this includes fashion and beauty standards. Every decade seems to modify the definition of “beautiful” including what clothes are in style, and which ones are not. Celebrities usually impact what clothes are trendy and throughout history this is definitely proven to be true. People like Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian changed the beauty standard from being slim to being a little more plump. Paris Hilton inspired the 2000’s look of being underweight and having a flat stomach. Knowing how often beauty standards change can really help you feel more confident in your own body because everyone has a different idea of what beautiful is and history proves it. So why do we judge ourselves on the definitions of others in stead of developing, and living by, our own standards?

During the Ancient Egyptian era people wanted to be slim and have a small body, but in Ancient Greece everyone wanted to be plump and carry a little extra weight. This is a great example of history changing what body type is deemed “beautiful”. The beauty standards during these two time periods were completely different yet they were both viewed as beautiful during the time. 

In the roaring 20’s, the perfect body was almost boxed shaped and to have a ‘boyish figure’. Later in the century, Marilyn Monroe got a lot of fame and her body type was most desirable; full hips and an to have an hourglass figure. These two body types are polar opposites, yet they were both viewed and beautiful. This just proves it’s better to accept your body type because every body was beautiful at one point in time.

Mrs. Stowe, an English teacher at Chatfield, wrote a children’s book called “Beautiful AND” which spreads the message that being beautiful and being complimented isn’t the only source of identity. Trying to have the perfect body type is almost impossible because the definition of perfect changes so much and it’s better to accept your body type than to try and change it. Mrs. Stowe helped spread this message because she talked about how being pretty shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on. Everyone has unique abilities and it’s way better to figure out what it is instead of trying to change yourself. 

Sometimes it’s hard to accept your body type because it’s not “perfect”, but really every body type was considered to be “perfect” at one point in time. Focusing on more than your body is super important and it’s a lot easier to set aside your insecurities when you know about the history of beauty and when you know that no matter what someone is going to think you and your body type is perfect. Just be you. You are enough.