SAT Effects

Ashlynn Konold

As the SAT exams have passed, Juniors all around the state are experiencing either the relief from taking the SAT or the newly risen anxiety and anticipation of waiting for the results. Jefferson County Schools, along with every school district in the state of Colorado, took the SATs on Tuesday April 13th, 2021. To some this is the last major test before finals and others, its just the beginning of the long road of May filled with AP tests and finals.

SATs, however, have been in the news topic for all of 2020 and 2021 as many colleges including Minnesota State, Tulane University, Columbia, and even Princeton. The world has began to change from standardized testing, but after the pandemic is over will Ivy League and other institutions return back to having a value for the SAT or will the SAT become obsolete? Juniors at Chatfield Senior High School have started to wonder the same thing. Students in Mr. Klinger’s third period AP European History class had an in depth conversation about taking the SAT with Essay or the regular SAT. When Klinger’s daughter took the SAT with Essay a few years ago she received “a perfect score on the essay” and every college she applied to did not want to even “read or accept it”. Even now there is a small list of schools that require the SAT with Essay, with no Ivy League schools requiring it. The list is so low that there are currently less than 25 colleges in the nation that require the SAT with Essay. However, while schools have waived most of the SAT scores, many colleges still do recommend taking the SATs. The SATs often help boost how well a person can get into a college and how fast they are accepted as well. While the world is a changing place, many traditional schools are staying in their footsteps of their ancestors and keeping the SAT.

Overall, taking the SATs has been a long road for many Juniors and now incoming Sophomores and will continue to be a road less traveled for the next few years.