First Day Back… So Great!


Kailey Wathen, Writer


April 5th, Jefferson County Schools opened up for 100% in-person. I was very excited for this to happen. People I haven’t seen in a year?! I can finally reconnect and a relationship with. In the hallways, it was a little weird seeing so many people and it reminded me of how many people actually go to Chatfield. In class it was interesting having about 20-25 kids in room. It was honestly super fun and my teachers had us talk and play games, it was almost like the first day to a new school year. Trying to get into school was a struggle

Here is a view of our commons during passing periods on Tuesday, April 6th.

however. The lines we stood in for screenings were so long they went from the front doors all the way out to the grass by the softball parking lot. Getting into the parking lots isn’t too crazy but getting out definitely is. I also noticed that everyone was super social yesterday. Everyone was talking and school it finally felt like school again. It was more fun going to school and everyone talking specially since I had the same friends during first semester. All in all I’m very excited that we are all back in school and everyone can see their friends. We have learned to appreciate the time together, relationships, and learning in person.

Our commons earlier this year with no students allowed to be in it.
This is what our hallways looked like throughout the year… so empty.