Baby Fever


Avery Neagle, Writer

Babies are taking over the school!!! In every classroom, bathroom, hall, etc. Everywhere you look, there are babies. When you find a baby chilling out somewhere around the school, make sure to do the right thing with it. Instead of taking the baby and doing nothing with it, maybe try to move it to a different location in the school! Spread the baby fever!  Even just walking around the school, look for fun places for these small plastic fellas. Maybe give them to your teachers!

We interviewed the baby spreader on how it started. “We started the spread of the babies to spice up the school a little bit, and get everyone connected.” Everyone loves the babies, especially the teachers! Give a baby to your favorite teacher. Put it on their desk when they’re not looking. Put it somewhere for a custodian to find.

Keep spreading the babies!