The Search for the New Principal: Student Perspective


Chase Neagle, Writer

Sophomore Aubrey Henshaw

Here at Chatfield, there’s been a lot of speculation regarding the recruitment process for the new principal. When will we find out who is chosen? What’s this process like? Staff members, parents, area superintendants, and students participated in the process to recruit a new principal.  Aubrey Henshaw, a sophomore, was recently a part of the group of students chosen to be a representative along with Charles Beeleart and Liam Yeiter. The student representatives were informed a week before the tour date that they would be leading tours to the candidates. The board also notified these students to create questions to ask our future principal. Once the tour takes place, the board wants to listen to the opinions of the students so they can get a voice from the students here at Chatfield. 


I interviewed Aubrey to understand what she would like to see in a principal and her duties in seeking a new one. Here is some of what she said.


“I would like to see a principal that really takes the time to get to know the students here. It is important that they have good leadership and that they are open-minded to hearing the opinions of students and staff.” 


What will your duties be?


“My duty, along with Charlee and Liam, is to take the candidates on a tour around the school and ask them questions we want to know about them. I believe I will be missing a full day of school when giving these tours, according to the email sent.”


This tour will take place Tuesday, January 25th. The chosen principal will be revealed no later than Monday, January 31st. This is an exciting time for the Chargers!!