Technology, Good or Bad?


Zachary Eakins

With the rapid growth of technology over the years, some would have to ask… is this progression a good or bad thing? It really depends on the point of view but some would have to argue no. Some demographics see technology as a way of life, instead as just a part of it. Some parents seem to be so disconnected from technology that they will let their children use it without knowing the dangers that come with it.

Children using technology at a young age can cause them to have a dependency on it. And a lot of parents let their children get a phone at very young ages. Around 19% of kids in America under the age of 8 have a phone, and 53% of kids have a phone at the age of 11. And a large reason for young kids to have phones is for their safety. The use of tracking applications on phones is increasing quickly, however this use of tracking can make a lot of kids and teens feel very untrusted by their parents.

But the upside of kids and teens using technology such as iPhones is impossible to argue against. Around 57% of teens have made a friend online, and 29% have made over 5 friends from across the world. And the use of technology in schools has increased a lot over the past 5 years. Nearly every school in America has the use of computers either through a computer lab, or the use of student chromebooks. There is also the upside of technology being a huge source of entertainment through social media or video games.

However one thing is impossible to argue against, the use of technology has increased a lot over the years, even if it is a good or bad thing.