MLB Lockdown and its Significance

Van Sterk

Although it is possible we don’t get major league baseball until much later than expected, there are positives. Only the first two matchups for every team have been canceled and there is progress being made toward an agreement nearly every day. During the lockout, the players currently assigned to major league teams aren’t allowed to check into their facilities, thus no games can be played or practices had. While it’s true that MLB owners and the players can’t agree on much, there is one constant that all parties involved can agree on, and that is that we need baseball back.

What is it that cannot be agreed upon? At the end of the day, it boils down to money. The owners of MLB teams want more cash for themselves while the players want it spread more evenly throughout the association. Neither side of the disagreement is in the right, as nobody has decided that it is time to let the fans get what they want and what is most important: for baseball to make a return.