Reasons to Join Broadcasting


Kyle Bridston, Writer

Introduction: Broadcasting class has been one of the most influential classes I have taken throughout my high school career. Over the course of my year in this class, I have realized how much work goes into different parts of the school. It has made me feel like I was actually a part of something important and bigger than myself. Broadcasting is truly a beneficial class to take, and many of the skills and lessons I have learned from this class are universal for life in general. Finally, Broadcasting has resulted in me expanding my horizons on what I was comfortable with.


Be a part of something bigger than yourself: Broadcasting class really allows you to get involved with the school and send important information out to students and staff. In Broadcasting, you have the opportunity to work on the Charger Report, the newspaper, and even the school’s social media accounts. Throughout the class, we also brainstorm about different ways we can improve the way we relay information out to students, and, in general, ways for the class to be improved.


Learn and develop important skills: Throughout broadcasting, I personally have been able to develop important skills that will be useful in real life. I have been able to improve on my time management skills, as well as following through on my deadlines because, unlike the majority of other class projects, they affect a wide range of people. In Broadcasting, I have had to complete projects that were outside of my comfort zone as well, which has helped me to develop my confidence by working on projects which force me to stand out.


Expand your skills: Being on the Broadcasting team gives you the opportunity to work on many different projects and expand your skills. In Broadcasting, there are many different kinds of projects that one can work on, such as writing articles, filming and editing videos, taking and editing pictures, and creating posts for the school’s social media accounts. You have a choice to work on any of these projects, and other students in the class can help you learn.

Conclusion: Broadcasting is a class that I think everyone should at least look into. It definitely has a heavy workload, which is something to consider, but it is its own community, and everyone is working to better the class in some way. The lessons I personally have learned in the class are, in my opinion, going to be useful in the real world too, and I think it could have a similar effect for all who take the class in the future.

For more information about Broadcasting, check out our website or email Ms. Gunkel!