Involvement, Why Is It So Important?


Darren Shaw

Across the United States many high school students are involved in extracurriculars as there is almost something for everyone.  Over time, more and more students decide to get involved with them, whether to explore an interest, further experience, or practice in these environments. Now around 80% of students are involved in at least one extracurricular. Most high schools offer sport programs, clubs, and student government. Although this was never the case only around the 1990’s where only around 50% of high school students were involved. What caused it to become so much more popular? 


Now a normal part of high school students lives,  many benefits come from these extracurriculars and students are able to learn new skills or practice them. The people you meet are all interested in the same extracurricular. But by far the most important is becoming involved with your school. As you are able to learn more about the school you attend and what they stand for. Becoming a contributing member of your high school allows for these things to happen with the interest of you and your community.


I asked some students involved in extracurricular activities how they felt about being involved at Chatfield.


Nathan Hillan


Nathan Hillan is a Senior here at Chatfield and is  a member of our Track and Field team. When asked why he likes to be involved with Chatfield’s extracurriculars he says that he loves the coaches for track and field as they led him through his mistakes and helped improve instead of not giving any advice to fix them at all. The overall team gave him enough positive pressure to make him compete the best he can. He said the way his coaches disciplined him is the way he wants to teach his future family to become better.  When asked why he thought it was important to be involved with his high school he says that it makes the overall experience better. School can be really challenging at times but through these activities he says it made it bearable and more fun. 


Ava Westbrook


Ava Westbrook is a Sophomore at Chatfield and she plays on the girls flag football team and the girls basketball team. She explains why she stays involved with Chatfield explaining that getting involved allows you to meet so many new people. Making new friends and memories that will stay with you even after your high school years in very special. Sharing the love of Chatfield with her teammates, she says, gives her a new perspective of the effect chatfield has on its students. She learned a lot from getting involved in these sports, some things she never thought she would be doing. She never thought she would be playing flag football, but once the opportunity was presented, she took it immediately. Like she said before she believes getting involved allows you to meet many new people, and makes school overall more fun. One of her favorite things to do is going to the football games. She always has a blast cheering on her favorite chargers and leaves feeling less stressed.  


Becca Miculinich 


Becca Miculinich is a Junior here at Chatfield as is involved with Alliance, Link, and DECA. When asked why she likes being involved with Chatfield she said, it was really easy for her to get involved and to get to know everyone in these extracurriculars. She said it allows you to see sides of people you don’t always get to see. There are so many different clubs and activities that it’s impossible to not find something that interests you. When asked why she thinks it’s important to be involved with your high school she talks about her experience in alliance and how it brought her friends in every grade level. This also opened her up to opportunities and interests for the future. 


Overall there is a great environment in these extracurriculars that these students and those they work with create and are able to attract others who want a place to meet new people, make friends, and most importantly memories. But don’t just take mine (and their word for it), go check some out for yourself! Chatfield is sure to have something for you!