40 More Days of Summer Vacation?


Ammon Kitchen, Writer, Anchor

I apologize if the title was a bit misleading and if you got your hopes up. No, we are not getting an extended summer break. However, the reasoning for this title may be just as exciting.

Everyone has a favorite childhood memory, whether it’s a family vacation or a toy you used to love. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that one of the greatest memories we all had, was sitting in front of the television to watch the pinnacle of modern animation. That is, of course, Phineas and Ferb. The adventure of two genius step-brothers trying to make the most out of their summer vacation is a staple of Saturday morning cartoons that we all used to love, and it turned out to be one of Disney’s most popular shows. Although most episodes followed a similar format and there was little to no overarching plot, it was entertaining and humorous enough to remain in the hearts and minds of every 2000s child. This is a big reason why myself and many others just like me were devastated after the heartfelt conclusion to the final season, in July 2015. But on January 13, Disney made a huge announcement. According to an article from Polygon, Disney has agreed to a deal with co-creator and voice actor Dan Povenmire, to release 40 new episodes of the beloved childhood cartoon, which will happen over 2 seasons. So, as an 18-year-old who shamelessly watches children’s shows, I will be going over what we will see in the new seasons, as well as what I hope and expect to see. 

Disney likely decided to make this deal with Povenmire after the success of their second movie, Candace Against the Universe, showing that the audience still loves the cartoon, and it is worth it to bring everyone back. While it is uncertain we will have the same voice actors return as in the original cast, we do know that Dan Povenmire is back to voice the notorious villain Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and Disney is currently in talks with the other creator of the show Jeff Marsh to return, and to voice Doofenshmirtz’s protagonist counterpart, Major Monogram, per the same report. While we may see some of the same actors return, it’s likely that Disney will hire more voice actors to add characters to their cast, while keeping the same beloved cast intact. 

The fourth and last season ended with an iconic extended double episode, called “Last Day of Summer.” At the time, most people mourned this as the end of the Phineas and Ferb story. However, the episode prior to “Last Day of Summer,” entitled “Act Your Age,” depicts Phineas, Ferb, and the gang in the summer, getting ready to go to college. Because the episode is set a ways into the future, it led me to believe that there was always a posibility for more of the story to be written, and I believe that Povenmire knew that. My prediction is that the new seasons will take place between the last episode and the epilogue, and will show the passage of time, unlike the previous seasons. We’ll get to see Phineas and Ferb grow up and experience their adventurous summer vacations as teenagers. The formula for success for Disney would be to get the original cast back, and create a story showing time passing and the kids growing up, while still making them have the innocence of childhood we all remember them having, and their amazing adventures. 

No matter how the show goes, Disney has one goal in mind, and that’s to send all of us who grew up alongside these characters on the nostalgia trip of a lifetime, and it is sure to do that. Disney has not yet announced a release date for Season 5, but we know it’s coming and have something great to look forward to.