The Liv Project: The Conversation Continues… You Matter and You’re Not Alone


Haley Torres, Writer

My Sister Liv, brought about by Tess Kunik and her mother Honey Beuf, is a documentary about a young girl, Liv and her big sister Tess. In the documentary, you grow up with Liv and Tess as they become more and more inseparable by the years.  Liv grew up struggling with the standards of social media and constant battles over anxiety and depression. Her personality was filled with kindness and compassion for those around her, but she struggled to show the same compassion towards herself. It was also hard for her to reach out to those around her, and January 8th 2019 the struggles overcame her and she took her own life. The loss that would’ve broken many, inspired Tess and Honey to make a change. That is when the Liv Project was born, a project that is devoted towards sharing Liv’s story and providing resources to those in need, while also expressing the importance of continuously talking about mental health. This article is being written in hopes to help keep Liv’s story alive at Chatfield, while also reminding students of all the resources they have; from the counselors upstairs, to the hotlines and other outreach links in this article.

After the documentary came out, many students and staff members were affected by the hardship and message that came from it, but also the long process and dedication it took to get this project to Chatfield. Mr.McLaughlin, a world history teacher and counseling interventionist at Chatfield told us all about how he got The Liv Project to Chatfield. A parent at Chatfield knew about The Liv Project because it had previously been shown at CU, and thought it should come to Chatfield. He brought this to administration, and that is when they reached out to people from The Liv Project and asked if it could come to Chatfield  Mr.McLaughlin explains that he is very dedicated towards providing resources for students here at Chatfield, and he hopes this video reaches anyone struggling and assures them that they are not alone.  Students who attended this film were also greatly impacted and inspired. One student explained that ever since the film they felt very conscious of people in their lives and all the possible struggles they were facing. Overall, this film and the message that this project addressed was very well received for all who went and they strive to help others or seek help if needed.

Though continuing to share The Liv Project was a large goal of this article, it also is published in hopes of providing those reading with further resources in case they or someone they know are in need of a safe space. If you’re looking to talk to one of your counselors, know they are here for you with open arms and ears and you are always welcome in their office. If you are ever in need of an online service or assistance outside of school, you can visit these resources, which vary from hotlines to more projects like Liv’s that could be the help you need. Lastly, consider visiting The Liv Project page, to learn more about Liv and more about spreading this awareness and keeping the voice of mental health heard.