Swimming and Diving Competes at State

Chatfield GIRLS SWIM TEAM had a SPECTACULAR 5A State Championship meet! Here are some of the amazing facts.

  • 200 Freestyle Relay (Mia Norrid, Avery Turney, Meghan Mulvihill, and Kathryn Shanley) took FIRST PLACE with an All-American Time of 1:34.12 and set the POOL record, STATE record, and CHATFIELD record – NEVER BEFORE DONE by a Chatfield Relay team.
  • 400 Freestyle Relay (Avery Turney, Abigail Storm, Meghan Mulvhill, and Kathryn Shanley) took 4th Place and broke their own Chatfield Record with an All-American Consideration Time of 3:28.75.
  • 200 Medley Relay (Abigail Storm, Kate Goldtrap, Keila Flewell, and Mia Norrid) took 14th place setting a new Chatfield record with a time of 1:49.33.
  • Mia Norrid finished 15th in her 50 Freestyle.
  • Avery Turney finished 9th in her 100 Freestyle and 7th in her 50 Freestyle.
  • Abigail Storm took 4th place with an individual ALL-AMERICAN Consideration time in her 100 Back and broke her own Chatfield Record with a 55:57.
  • Kathryn Shanley took 1st place in her 200 Freestyle setting an ALL-AMERICAN Consideration time of 1:49.41 and 1st place in her 500 Freestyle.

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