Music Man is coming to Chatfield!


Atticus Levy, Broadcaster

This year’s spring musical is Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey’s The Music Man! This rip roarin’, Every time a bull’s eye musical comes to the school auditorium on March 5th-7th at 7:00 pm each day. Tickets can be bought for $10 at the Chatfield Choir website or at the front door before the show. Hurry up, these shows tend to sell out quickly!

Being a part of musical is an incredible experience, one that I have worked to be a part of since freshman year. Being a senior now, in my last musical at Chatfield, I have thought a lot about how being part of theatre has impacted my life at school, and how it is likely going to impact my future after graduation. I asked one of my fellow seniors what their thoughts are on this being their last musical, and if they plan to continue acting in the future.

Most said that they would be willing to continue theatre when they go to graduate and continue on to college or university, but a few plan to shift focus to their majors and try to make a career from that. “Seeing these shows made me realize that could be me up on the stage in a few years, and that was exciting for me,” says one of our seniors now featured with a major role in Music Man.

Most seniors currently involved with theatre have experienced all four of the most recent musicals, starting with Mary Poppins, then on to Singin’ In The Rain, and Legally Blonde. For others, the experience began even before freshman year, with showings of Chicago in 2016 and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in 2015, along with shows from previous years, all witnessed by current students while they were still in middle school.

While a good amount of theatre-folk started their adventures freshman year, there are plenty who started taking classes at Falcon Bluffs and Deer Creek. For me, personally, Falcon Bluffs’ drama class was a huge staple in my childhood and my future. I learned then, as others most certainly did, exactly what I felt I wanted to do with my future, and the perspective from which I wanted to look at the world as a whole.

Theatre has had an immense impact on our lives, and we are glad that we have been introduced to it via a program that has allowed us all a sort of creative freedom and encouragement to think outside the box, along with the opportunity to meet and befriend people who likely would never have met otherwise.

Here’s to a great 2020 musical, and here’s to a great future for CSH Theatre!