Remote Learning


Samantha Rossman, Staff

Every students’ dream has come true, school is closed. But has it lived up to the glorious expectations students had in mind? For most people they struggle not being able to communicate face to face with a teacher, others would rather move at their own pace and self teach. Almost every person I have talked to has mentioned how the remote learning is more difficult and they would rather go back to school. Without the guidance of teachers honors and AP classes become that much more challenging. It is also more challenging to stay on task and focus on the task at hand. The constant distraction of phones taunts students constantly and makes them want to procrastinate. So the question still stands, is this remote learning program better then attending classes?

Without personal interaction, students cannot form bonds and personal connections with their teachers, making it harder to connect and even get along with one another. Students also can be visual learners, and while there are videos and other tools to help visualize, most visual learners would rather see it worked out in person with a detailed explanation. Teachers keep students on task and can further their understanding on topics being learned. Without this interaction some students struggle with keeping afloat and understanding the topics. Some students would rather move at their own pace and learn things their own ways. This can be beneficial to some students who learn better teaching themselves. Most students have been posting on their Snap Chat stories that they miss school and want to go back, that they are stressed with the remote learning plan and would rather have a teacher.

However, the cause of the remote learning program being put into play is not the districts fault. COVID-19 caused the schools to shut down and resort to this remote learning program to educate students. The choice is not up to anyone at this point, it is up to the COVID-19 going away or not. For all we know the whole school year could be canceled, but all we can do is hope for the best, stay safe, and stay healthy during this pandemic.