Trapped in Thoughts


Samantha Rossman, Staff

There is a national pandemic, COVID-19  This deadly virus has caused the world to go on lockdown. While people hate being trapped at home there is a good reason for it, to stop the spread. The importance of staying at home is massive, but how does this affect us mentally?

Being cooped up in a house for weeks on end, not being able to go out and do one’s normal routine, can cause many issues in one’s mental health. This outbreak causes people to feel as though they have no control over their own lives and can further anxiety. In addition to being stuck at home students now have to learn everything online and are expected to know how to do everything. Students are now relying solely on technology to learn concepts, not only is this transition hard for students but it is also hard for teachers. Some teachers have to learn about different programs to try and communicate ideas with students. This new remote learning program is also adding stress to students. Not only does the stress of school still shadow over students, but there is also the isolation aspect that affects students and parents. Isolation can lead to many health risks such as poor sleep, poor heart health, depression symptoms, and impaired functioning. Not to mention the fear, confusion, and stress that this is causing in everyone’s lives. All hope is not gone, there are ways to fix this and help cope with this new change.

Researches suggest creating a routine, staying active, and seeking help if needed. There are many ways that people cope with stress, each person has their own unique way. There is a lot of tension in the world today and it only seems to be growing, but if people stay at home and maintain good mental health then this pandemic will go by faster than expected.