The Hiking Problem


Corrine Konold

Ashlynn Konold on Spring Break went with her family to Renyolds Park .

Ashlynn Konold

In the world today we are all faced with difficult challenges in our life like Quarantine or online learning with no in-person school but the oddest part about it all is the lack of people respecting the rules. The Jefferson County Open Space twitter account had specifically commented on this. Their post here said that “Ignoring physical distancing at parks is NOT the way to protect… those around you”. As many people continue to get sick and even die there is a big need for social distancing and following the rules Colorado State Government put in place. Many people’s worlds have stopped and turned completely upside down but even with people flooding the parks getting out is good for health. Remember social distancing but also get out. It is proven that getting outside helps with mental and physical health. Find some good music and go on a walk or a run! Keep healthy Chargers! We will see you next school year!