Orientation Days at Chatfield

After months of daily planning changes, students finally experienced the first phase of the 2020/2021 school year. For the students who are starting hybrid learning, the rush of walking through old doors in new ways brought mixed emotions. Many are apprehensive but glad to be back inside of school. For most students, quarantine was the longest period of time they’ve been out of the classroom in years. The excitement of being out of school has long since faded. One must admit that it is nice to be back in session.

The morning started with a new routine: health screenings at assigned doors. Upon entering the school, students were presented with one of the most significant changes to their everyday school life – the one-way hallways. Luckily, there were plenty of teachers and administrators who were more than willing to help out. The revised hallway paths were quite the hurdle for students coming back to school. As new as this was for the students, the teachers have had to overcome challenges almost daily for the last few months as well. In return for their stalwart efforts, they’re now able to see students in person once again.

It was a breath of fresh air to finally be having face-to-face conversations with our teachers and peers.  Although these modifications to our regular school lives are challenging for us all, it is essential to point out that those very rules are in place to get us back to normalcy. It was also extremely beneficial throughout the week that the orientation schedule was posted on Chatfield’s various social media accounts and emailed out to students.

For future information, don’t forget to follow Chatfield Senior High on all social platforms. We can’t wait to get back into school and start anew!