The New Parking Passes: Are the Fees Actually Waived?!?!?!

Ashlynn Konold, Writer

The glorious days of being able to just drive and do anything we feel like has a safe spot in our hearts, but that doesn’t mean our lives are over. Freshmen are still getting their permits, sophomores their license (possibly with a car), and Juniors who are starting to hate the sixth month rule, but lastly our Seniors who really just want to be done with school and driving to it continuously. However, no matter the year, everyone must have a parking pass if they want to park in the parking lot. There’s a twist this year: there are no fees for the first semester! That’s right – none! Now the actual question is how to get one – the mass time to do it was early September, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one now. Dan the Security Guard, when asked on how to order a parking pass, commented, “Just go onto the Chatfield website, click students, and then click the Parking Pass tab then fill out the google form.”  Now, to pick them up, just go to the main office (in a mask of course) and pick up the pass. The issue last year was running out. The issue this year is that there are too few. Will the parking lots narrow, be blocked off? Who knows, as this future is so undecided, but one thing is for sure. Parking passes are needed, and there are plenty, so get yours now!