Custodian Video

Quinn Dickens, Editor

Hello everyone, so I’m going to make the assumption that if you’re watching this, you’re either a Chatfield student or a part of the staff. Over a weekend, I got busy digging in trash and documents in my basement and low and behold, I found the first Chatfield yearbook ever.

My dad was one of the first students to fill up this school when it first opened its doors in 1986. My dad never graduated from Chatfield because he had to move away in the middle of the school year, but he’s still included in the yearbook.

In the last 34 years, this school has come a long way. It’s seen huge upgrades, new classrooms, new pods, and always new staff and students in it’s years. Many leave different from when they started and all continue into their lives and careers, many are now established in their lives, many now have a family of their own.


Currently, Chatfield Senior Highschool is one of the largest highschools in the Jeffco district and covers approximately 460,000 square ft! That’s 8 football fields! And this large building and lot requires a huge team to constantly work and maintain it. That job goes to our school custodians.


I was recently able to get a tour of the hidden parts of the school from Mr. Reynolds, the facility manager. If you think you knew the school, you probably never stepped a foot into these rooms. But we started our tour checking the AC units. Every pod requires a huge AC unit that we got to check out. That AC that you’ve probably grown a little dependent on is fixed by Mr. Reynolds and his team. you better bet that if there’s an issue, they’re already working on it.


After checking that out, we went to go check out the main server room for the building. Here is where all the magic happens for your wifi needs. This is responsible for connecting everyone’s devices to the internet and the team of custodians are responsible for keeping it running smoothly. I don’t know much about servers but I kinda didn’t expect a server like this running the building’s WiFi. It was cool to find that this is what manages our WiFi.


Mr. Reynolds and his team are always busy with tasks here at Chatfield. Mr. Reynolds also explains that during the Summer, he becomes the manager of 10 other sites in our articulation zone. He also, if other sites are understaffed, goes to help them out during the school year.


After we checked out the server room, we got to see another AC unit working for E hall and then we left that to check out the storage room. In the storage room the plows sit waiting until it starts snowing again. The days it snows the custodians will have to wake up and make it to work at 3:30 AM to be able to plow the snow off the sidewalks for all of you in the morning. To be honest I’m really glad when it snows I don’t have to struggle through the tall snow in the morning and afternoon. That’s something I really take for granted.


Mr. Reynolds would also like me to tell you all that him and his team normally stay at work from 5:45 AM all the way to 11 PM DAILY.. They have lives of their own at home and they would really appreciate it if the students help treat the school and keep it nice and tidy for everyone. It would really go far if everyone just picks up for themselves.