The History of Wish Week at Chatfield


Chloe Metz, Writer

This year, Wish Week was very different, and as we long for the traditional Wish Week, it may be an excellent time to reflect on the history of Wish Week at Chatfield. 

The first-ever Chatfield Wish Week took place in 2014 and we have continued the tradition every year since.

The Wish Week kid is randomly ‘assigned’ to Chatfield each year by the Make A Wish Foundation. The following is a list of all of the eight wish kids that Chatfield has sponsored: Carina (2014), Sophia (2015), Jaice (2016), Olivia (2017), Kaden (2018), Dane (2019), Adriana (2020), Lauren (2021)

Over the past seven years (not including Lauren), Chatfield has managed to raise a total of $106,000 for each of our wish kids.

In a conversation with Ms Crispino, the former Alliance sponsor, she said that her favorite moment was during the first Wish Week when Mr Svaldi and Mrs Blanchette shaved their heads. She also remarked that “Wish Week is one of my favourite things that I was able to bring to Chatfield. Watching the community come together in amazing ways to support kids receiving wishes is the absolute best!”. On the topic of how Wish Week has changed over the years, Ms Crispino describes how “Every year kids come up with new ideas and fundraisers, so I think it changes each year but in a positive way”.

Asking the same questions to the current alliance sponsor, Ms Chavez said that “I love seeing Chatfield come together for something bigger than ourselves.” When asked about her most memorable moments, she said she enjoyed how Emily from Kosi101 was at last year’s assembly. Chavez says, “It was also fun watching teachers get pied in the face, and their legs waxed!”

Wish Week is such an important tradition at Chatfield, and it is so rewarding to look at our past Wish Weeks especially in a time when it is simply not possible to have a normal Wish Week.