What Upcoming Seniors Should Know


Zach Herte, Writer

Junior year can be a stressful time with all the standardized tests, teachers with higher expectations, finding a job and navigating through financial responsibilities. So, what should Juniors know before they head into their Senior year?

Senior year will be more exciting if you:

1. Don’t miss out on the wonderful school activities that the school provides.

2. Don’t slack on assignments because they add up fast.  (The worst thing is that senior teachers give more projects so gear up for some hard writing).

3. Build connections with the teachers.  This is the final stretch and you will need their support to get through it.


Here are some positives that Juniors can look forward during Senior year.

  1. Being at the top of the food chain which includes winning all of the school challenges .
  2. Another advantage is the Senior Ball.  It is a private dance that only civilized Senior can go to.
  3. Some other great perks are that you can get to two classes off instead of just one.  It makes life a little easier because there are less classes to worry about.
  4. The last tip is that you are able to choose from some of the best classes.  For example taking Contemporary World Issues and it broadens your perceptive on the world.

Senior year can be great but just remember what you learned in the past years because it will help you so much.