Are You Ready For The Workforce


Zach Herte, writer

A lot of students are marching into the workplace, but are they ready for the application process? Before you start applying for jobs start a resume. Even if you have no job experience try to start it with some recommendations. Ask your teachers or outer families if they could be a recommendation. Another part is to put down your school experiences. Explain that you go to Chatfield High school or the college you are at. You also should put down your community service. It has a chance of putting you ahead of another candidate.

The other side of the application is the interview process. When you get the interview, be ready for an interesting conversation about you and why you picked their business to work for. Remember that you need to look formal or if you are going into a serious job maybe wear a uniform that is close to their uniforms. For example if you are interviewing for a cafeteria it maybe appropriate to wear a chef’s coat or a suit for an internship for a law firm. This will impress your interviewer and maybe the boss. Don’t look at your phone while waiting because it may seem that you are not interested in the job. Also, bring a printed copy of your resume to show you are prepared and in case they never got a resume in the first place. When you are finished with the interview email them a couple of hours later thanking them again for the interview to make a lasting impression on them. This will put you over the top and may very well help your chances.

These tips will give you the upper hand over other applicants, take them to heart.