How to Safely Navigate Colorado Winter Roads


In the wintertime, it is imperative to make smart decisions when driving on treacherous roads.  For safe winter driving, you should keep in mind the three P’s. The three P’s include; PREPARE for the trip, PROTECT yourself and PREVENT crashes on the road. In order to prepare for the trip, you must check your car battery because battery power drops directly when the temperature drops. There are many ways to prevent crashes on the road and keep yourself and others safe. One thing that is overlooked is to not use cruise control in wintry conditions. You should have complete control of when you feel comfortable speeding up and slowing down. Your censors and cameras may also be covered with snow, impairing the ability to slow down when coming too close to a car. This will make it so when you trust your car to slow down for you; it will not which could have a very bad ending.

Even when the snow turns to slush you must be careful. Slush can be just as dangerous as snow and ice. It is slippery and your tires will not have traction so be attentive when turning and braking on slushy patches. Another very important thing to know if you begin to skid is to steer in the direction of the skid so that when your wheels gain traction again and you won’t overcorrect yourself. If you overcorrect yourself you could swerve into other lanes and collide with other cars or even surrounding objects such as street signs, lamp posts, or even traffic lights. No matter what it is, you will be at fault and that will be a very expensive mistake. It is key to always be aware of your surroundings (including other cars) and to simply just take it slow. If you do not feel comfortable driving during these times, there are classes available to practice and increase your confidence and ability. There are many ways to contact this company. You may call at 1-844-447-8337, email at, or book online