Data Science Course: New to Chatfield in 2022-2023!


Ammon Kitchen, Writer

With summer break and a new school year fast approaching, the scheduling process is now of utmost importance to students. The classes they will be taking next school year will help them on their path towards graduation and what they want going forward in life after high school. The credits they acquire from their classes are crucial for their graduation requirements, and students now have a new opportunity to gain a math credit.

Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, Chatfield Senior High School will be offering a new math elective course called “Data Science,” which will be taught by Mr. Matt Moore. This class is a great course to take for anyone interested in a field of study in college involving math, science, or business. Mr. Moore’s description of the course is that it is “designed to help students understand, interpret, and use data to inform decisions through Math Modeling.” As the name of the course suggests, the class will be focused on data. This includes using, finding, analyzing and interpreting data using many different programs. This is an amazing course for any career path because it involves so much more than just statistics with data. It will “will teach students how to further utilize data to make informed decisions within their field of study.” Another cool aspect is it will teach students how to plan for their own future or the future of a company by analyzing data to accurately predict future trends.

This class will be available next school year for all Juniors and Seniors who are interested. It is an amazing opportunity for all students, especially those going into a mathematical field of study. It is sure to be an interesting and fun class where students will learn  a lot that will help them in their life after high school. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the course you can email Mr. Moore or talk to your counselors about this class.