MLB Lockout: What Happened?


Photo by Rich Graessle

Chase Neagle, Reporter

The MLB has recently dealt with controversy and ultimately shut down and put the league on lockdown for 99 days. This isn’t the first time the MLB has been on lockdown. The COVID pandemic canceled a ton of games in 2020. In 1994-1995, the players went on strike for 232 days. Fortunately for baseball fans, the MLB and the Players Association resolved this issue.


But what happened in the first place?


According to, “The MLB CBA is a collective labor agreement between MLB and the MLB Players Union – It’s a deal that encompasses many of the MLB rules along with the economic aspect related to revenue and player salaries.”


Many players disagreed with the deals the MLB was trying to offer to them. The Commissioner, Rob Manfred, implemented the lockout as a way of “creating leverage” during the negotiations with the player’s union. 


For all the baseball fans out there, it was a tough scene. With the lockout taking place, Spring Training games were temporarily canceled, and Opening Day was pushed back to April 7. 


For the players, it was difficult to sign with teams. There are some big name free agents that couldn’t sign because of this lockout. 


However, a new deal was finally reached and there will be baseball! So grab your peanuts and cracker jacks and head to the ballpark as soon as possible.