Out With the Old, In With the New


Brent Cordell, Author

Charger Pride, while a simple concept, it is a euphoric experience. Chatfield gives 4 years of exemplary academics, athletics, and relationships to thousands of students. At Chatfield, we are solely focused on the development of young minds to contribute to our ever-growing world. But as a student, we are given so much more. Memories are one of the most undervalued treasures. Through 4 years of Chatfield, I have been given the honor to write about these memories and just how quickly they turn from present to past. However, as a journalist, my job is not to convince you through my truth but through the words of my peers.

Senior Milo Goudge said that “it all moves faster than you may expect so you don’t want to look back and regret anything”.

What is the point of life if you don’t live a little? Be extraordinary, that is what being a charger is all about. We all have the ability to do great things, at Chatfield we are given the tools to do so; take advantage of them! Mason Cowgill an athlete and superfan furthered this with his advice for next year’s freshman and any fellow Chargers who feel they aren’t taking full advantage of their high school experience.


Mason stated, “my advice to incoming freshmen is to have fun, go to these events and participate in sports and activities! You’ll remember the memories of laughter and adventure with your best friends.”

With a football state championship soon to be in our rearview, use your hobby or interest to make an impact. At Chatfield, we have over 40 clubs and if yours isn’t available as a student you can make a new one; talk about an impact!

Another interview with Senior Fred Poggemeyer brought an amazing quote, “make every moment matter!”

These are the years of your life you will look back on in fondness, don’t look back with a vision full of regret. Do what you love with the people you love. Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd, being different isn’t bad, it is actually quite the opposite. That is why Chatfield is so amazing; you can be different! Make your path and stick to it, be yourself.

Senior Tanner Moore, member of alliance and our STUBO treasurer, when asked what her biggest advice for an incoming freshman would be said, “just take advantage of high school, it flies by and you don’t want to miss it!”

However, high school is a balance of work and fun. Your grades are still a priority, you must stay up to date on your classes!

Cameron Manint a dedicated charger spread his wisdom by saying, “don’t procrastinate! Get everything you can do before you fall behind. Missing assignments are the biggest impact on your grade so limit them as best you can.”

In high school, you will learn a revolutionary foundation that will impact the rest of your studies and future career path. While homework is not what you want to do after getting home from school, it is how you learn! Homework allows you to put the ideas you were taught in class into action. If you do your homework, not only will your grade increase from the simple fact of completion but in addition, your knowledge of the subject will increase as well. Tests are difficult, studying at the last second might sometimes work but in order to excel in your studies, you need to know what you are doing THROUGHOUT the semester. When finals come and you have forgotten all of your previous material, it is almost impossible to reteach yourself. This means you have to stay on top of your work. Set aside ten minutes every night or even every other night to simply review your material. You all have the ability to succeed in school but success is only attained through hard work and sacrifice.

Lastly, a message from Victor Lobelo, a heavily involved and successful charger who was one of our senior class valedictorians, “look for something that you love and seek it relentlessly. Work hard for what you want and never give up. This means your going to have to study hard and dedicate yourself, but also play hard. Enjoy yourself and your time at Chatfield. Just find something that you want and go for it because at the end of the day it will pay off.”

The high school environment is often misconceived.  I beleived it was a community full of division and the basic desperation to graduate. However, I was pleasently surprised. I hope all future high schoolers reading this will have the same experience. The main goal you should set for your self when you arrive at your first day of high school is set your self up for success; in which ever way you see fit. Have fun and be anmbitious!