Students Need Mental Health Days

With all of the overwhelming stress of school, it tends to take a toll on a student’s mental health. More teens these days tend to struggle with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression already making it hard to do good in school and overloading them with work can lead to causing it in others and/or heightening what they already had. Though not all are diagnoesed with mental health issues either- we all still have mental health .If your sick with a cold do you go to school? We need to take care of our brains the same way we take care of our body. In fact our brain and out body are connected and getiting overwhelmed, having to much anxiety, ect. can also make you pycisally sick, like getting nauseouse, headaches, and more. Being mentally sick is just as bad as being physsically sick. Along with that trying to balance grades, missing work, outside school activities ; it can get too much and this would be able to help with coping. Some adults may argue that since we have weekends off we don’t need any extra time however there are also some days where students wake up with anxiety making it harder to learn and get through the day. Giving a day off would give a chance for students to recollect themselves and comeback mentally stronger. Or lsay a student is stuggling right now because their behind and need help but never have talked to their parents about how they feel. Their parents have to be the one to call in for them so its not like they have a way to catch a break. Well this would help them. Some other students barley have the time of day in general to get everything they need done in or outside of school. Not to mention some students also have other outside activities not school involved, jobs, and taking care of family.  The metal health day isn’t only a day for them but also gives them other free time the following days after. They can use the day to schedule their work or help with the family so the next day can be extra time to help catch up on work, making it easier and less stressful. COVID can be used as an example of how at home time is beneficial. Though grades dropped at the begging, because it was a new routine to go by doing online, things eventually got better because students didn’t feel they had as much on their plate to juggle. There are articles out there showing there evidence on why students need mental health days. I’ll link some here. ‌