Bon Voyage! Activities to do for Summer!


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Chase Neagle, Reporter

Well Chargers, we did it. We have successfully completed another amazing year of school. However the ever-looming question strikes our mind when that final bell rings: “what do we do now?” I’m here to help you! In this article, you will be given potential ideas for you to partake in this summer to insure your time away from school is a blast!

Baseball Games

If you’re hanging around your house one of these days, go to a baseball game! During the summer, baseball is played 24/7. Sometimes even here at Chatfield’s baseball field. Snacks are always provided in the concession stands and the atmosphere is always electric! The weather is always most definitely hot and you can cool yourself down with cold lemonade or Gatorade. If the local baseball games aren’t sounding impressive, you can always head on down to Coors Field and watch your Rockies play for some Major League Baseball action! Either way, watching baseball can always fill up some down time during your summer break!




Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rock Amphitheater! A magical place, full of excitement and loud noise! It’s an amazing venue to witness your favorite artists play music and enjoy time with friends and family! The tickets can be fairly expensive, however seats in the back are cheaper.

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From self experience, my experience at Red Rocks has always been spectacular and when you’re accompanied by your closest friends, it’s even better!

Chatfield Reservoir 

Chatfield Reservoir is a great destination for fun parties and lake time. You’ll occasionally see the boats and kayakers steer by you while you’re swimming. The various beaches are a great spot to sit and relax in the sun, listening to your favorite music and sipping on a cold drink. If you’re in the mood to find some to do that’s action-packed, try tubbing or Spikeball! Whatever your heart desires, Chatfield Reservoir can create tons of happy memories for you to look back on as summer progresses…




Manitou Incline

City of Colorado Springs

Manitou Incline is a spot for the population who want to get outdoors and take a long hike. The slope stems up the Rockies and contains many, many stairs to get to the top. You will see runners, joggers, speed-walkers, etc, trying to ascend the climb. This is a perfect area for a sunny day!

Elitch Gardens

To close off this list, Elitch Gardens is the home to countless amusement park and water rides that have shared the laughter and excitement of all our childhoods. Opened from April to October, Elitches is a great destination for a long summer day. From the ‘Brain Drain’ to the ‘Superman’, these rides add butterflies to your stomach and raise the goosebumps on your arms. Even if you want to take it easier, you can embark on the tall Farris Wheel or sit around on the Lazy River to cool off with the Denver temperature! Take a trip to Elitches this summer, now!





We hope this list will add thought to your head on what to do this summer! Now please, relax, have fun, stay safe. You all have earned it! We can’t wait to see you next school year… and for the seniors: we will miss you and we wish you the absolute best!