The Affect HOCO Events have on a Community: Socialization


This past weekend Chatfield Senior High School held their 34th annual Homecoming dance for the freshman through senior classes. Each fall Chatfield’s theme is something new, spontaneous, and relevant to current trends. This past year an event took the world by storm which had amassed over 3.6 million followers and became Chatfield’s most well kept secret homecoming theme: Area 51. The week before the school dance commonly known as ‘Homecoming Week’ or ‘Spirit Week’ allows students to express their school spirit through participating in engaging events and activities such as Fall Fest, Spirit Week, Sports, and most notably the Homecoming Assembly. Many hours of labor go into our homecoming events here at Chatfield and while creating amazing decorations and putting together an incredible assembly Alliance and National Art Honor Society have proven to be the backbone to our Homecoming experience. Homecoming traditionally marked the first football game of the season with a fall celebration but with Chatfield, it is proven to be so much more. In a statement given to me by Taylor Jernigan (Junior Class of 2021), she describes her experience at Homecoming as fun yet memorable experience: “Homecoming was so much fun! It is a great way to bring the Chatfield community together. It takes the stress of schoolwork away and helps make connections and memories that will last our whole lives!” Homecoming events have a tremendous impact on communities throughout the United States and have proven to be a staple in every student’s high school experience that will provide them with lasting memories for years to come. Taylor Jernigan was just one example of how Homecoming made an impact in someone’s life within this community.